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About Us

United Company For Foundries (UCF) had been established in 1989 under the name of Aresco – United for castings and heat treatment .Due to its high quality products and increased market share Aresco – United had been subdivided into 2 separate companies :

  • Aresco which had been specialized in metal sheet work and machining operations and located at El – Tabbin, about 30 km south of Cairo. .
  • United Company For Foundries (UCF) which had been specialized in production of castings and heat treatment and located at 10th of Ramadan City ,about 60 km eastern north of Cairo.
United Company For Foundries ( UCF ) is the world class producer of cement plant and mining consumables. Committing itself to meeting international quality standards of products and services, UCF has managed to gain a considerable market share allover the world. With its growing ability to produce highly personalized services and products, UCF is in a strong competitive position to excel international suppliers and to extend its reach to new markets. It promises its customers massive capacity increase and high reduction in operating cost through supplying long life products and highly reliable services.

UCF is located at 10th of Ramadan City, about 60 km far from Cairo, ARE. United Company For Foundries ( UCF ) is specialized in producing all types of wear resistant as well as heat resistant castings. UCF belongs to Citadel Capital Company.

UCF Statement


Contributing to the national economy and society welfare through striving to achieve world class results based on continual improvement of UCF products and processes performance

Establishing long partnership with its customers as well as considering their expectations and their difficult demands as the most valuable opportunity for improvement. UCF commitment towards satisfaction of all its other interested parties and towards safety and welfare of its workforce is a strong belief of its management.

UCF takes all the initiatives to promote value added activities and to make its business more sustainable with minimum impact on the environment and maximum improvement of economical and social benefits. That is the practical way adopted by UCF to participate in making our world a better place.

UCF vision is to become one of the world largest producers of superior quality reliable wear resistant and heat resistant castings and providing its customers with complete engineering solutions to maximize their efficiency and productivity.

UCF ensures that combination of advanced integrated management systems, participative management and continual improvement approach represents a powerful world – class manufacturing philosophy for the future.