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UCF produces wide varieties of fabricated products such as : - Diaphragm plates manufactured from hot rolled steel sheets - Bolts for fixation of liners. They are manufactured by hot forging. Threads are made by thread rolling machine. - Ball sorting machines for classifying balls according to their diameters. - Anchors - Nuts and washers - All machining operations as per the customer requirements. - Diaphragm structure. - pins, rods, wheels, rollers … etc.

UCF standard alloys for heat resistant applications include more than 20 alloys that withstand temperatures up to 1200 °C. These alloys have various Cr contents up to 30 % & various Ni contents up to 50 % in addition to other elements that render higher heat resistance for special applications . Examples of UCF heat resistant castings are : - Cooler plates - Inner pipe segments for preheater cyclones - Inlet and outlet segments for Kilns, e. g. nose rings - Nozzles, big blaster elbows, flaps - Grate & side plates for cooler - Brick clamps

UCF has a complete system to cover the whole mill with cast liners : - inlet and head liners - shell liners ( of first & second compartments ) and - diaphragm ( slotted & blind ) liners - outlet liners Both alloy chemical composition and heat treatment vary in accordance with the liner application. In addition to liners, UCF wear resistant products include : Limestone & clinker hammers, drag chains assembled with their pins and washers, lifters , grizzly bars , crusher parts … etc. All types of liners, particularly head liners, shell liners and diaphragm liners are cast from high Cr steel and high Mn steel alloys. UCF has more than 30 of the wear resistant alloys that cover all the cement industry needs. These alloys render different levels of the optimization between wear resistance and impact resistance. This is one of the important keys that enable UCF specialists to reach the optimum alloy selection for a definite application.


UCF Quality Policy : 

    All UCF management levels are strictly committed to their company integrated management system satisfying all its requirements, deeply believe in its continual updating, and improvement of its implementation effectiveness, and strongly doing their best for continual improvement of their processes and castings.

    Continuous communication with customers for realizing their requirements and needs in addition to supplying high quality reliable castings of continuously improved lifetimes with competitive prices is the only way to improve efficiency of UCF customer processes, thus getting true customer satisfaction.

    Satisfaction of all other interested parties, concerned with implementation of UCF integrated management system ( Suppliers, UCF personnel, neighboring society, owners and shareholders ) is an indispensable condition for UCF survival. UCF works toward delivering the best value for all of its interested parties and enhancing their awareness with its quality policy. UCF management system is considering them an integral part of the company.

    UCF management is continuously promoting value added activities and striving to minimize risk and to eliminate waste in all its forms.

    In order to achieve its strategic directions, planned results, and for excellence in job performance as well as permanent awareness of such topics as policies, social and economical changes, legal and governmental regulations, local and international competitive environment, technical issues, increasing production and profitability associated with minimization of waste and cost, UCF is strongly committed to continuously run planned training and education programs for all its employees.

    UCF Environmental Policy

      UCF is strongly committed to all requirements of its environmental management system and deeply believes in its continual updating and improvement of its implementation effectiveness.

      UCF management is committed to minimization of production cost without any negative effect on any of the environmental resources or constituents. Also, UCF management is committed to continuous reduction of environmental pollution, and to improve its production facilities that enable UCF to enhance its environmental performance. UCF management deeply believes that this commitment is the only way to protect environment, prevent its deterioration, and achieve its environmental planned results.

      For effective implementation of its environmental policy, UCF is:

      - Running yearly planned improvement environmental programs and objectives for reducing environmental impact of its processes.

      - Running yearly training environmental courses to enhance awareness of each UCF employee with UCF environmental policy and his own role in maintaining and protecting environment and in ensuring compliance with requirements specified in the environmental management standard.

      - Running periodical measurements of all environmental aspects at all its internal production sites and at sites outside the company of the neighboring society for assessment of its environmental performance.

      UCF management is doing its best to satisfy all the environmental regulatory and statutory requirements, to reduce risk and be ready for emergency situations, to enhance awareness of its interested parties with its environmental policy, and to improve UCF public image.

      For environment conservation, UCF management is continuously promoting waste reduction and recycling and is strictly monitoring and controlling hazardous materials and their disposal as per legal systems. UCF conserves natural resources by purchasing and using recyclable materials particularly by recycling its end – of – life castings.

    UCF Occupational Health & Safety Policy : 

      UCF is strongly committed to all requirements of its OH&S management system and deeply believes in its continual updating and improvement of its implementation effectiveness.

      UCF, being strongly committed to prevent accidents, incidents, and injuries, is taking all initiatives to ensure that its employees are continuously applying safe work practices and are able to respond quickly and precisely to emergency situations. UCF management is analyzing any accident for determination and implementation of preventive actions.

      UCF is continuously applying a high level free of charge medical care services for all its employees in case of sick and injuries.

      UCF management is doing its best to satisfy all the OH&S regulatory and statutory requirements, to reduce risk, to enhance awareness of its employees as well as its interested parties with its OH&S policy.

      UCF ensures that its OH&S policy is communicated to all persons working under its control, e.g. its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, visitors and that they are made aware of their individual OH&S obligations.

      UCF is strictly monitoring and controlling hazardous, medical waste materials and their disposal as per legal systems.

      For effective implementation of its OH&S policy, UCF is:

      - On yearly basis, monitoring and analyzing results of accident severity and frequency rates, then taking the proper improvement actions.

      - Running yearly training OH&S courses to enhance awareness of each UCF employee with UCF OH&S policy and with requirements specified in the OH&S management standard.


    UCF Values & specific Policies

    Human rights :

    • UCF is committed to support and respect the protection of the universal human rights. UCF keeps great respect to the fact that all its employees are equal in dignity and rights irrespective of their organizational occupied positions.
    • Every UCF employee has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented by other means of social protection afforded by the Company such as financial insurance.
    • Every UCF employee has the right of medical care and necessary social services and the right to security in the event of sickness, disability, old age and other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
    • Every UCF employee has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.
    • UCF management is committed to do its best for an effective contribution for the welfare of UCF employees ensuring adherence with its mission of continuously improving their standard of living. Employees satisfaction is of the same equal importance of customers and owners & shareholders satisfaction.

    Labour standards :

    The following points represent the policy adopted by UCF regarding labour standards:
    • No discrimination at all based on religion, colour, nationality in respect of employment and occupation.
    • Full abolition of all forms of forced and compulsory labour.
    • Full abolition of child labour.
    • Satisfying all the national statutory and regulatory requirements regarding labour.
    • Existence of formal labour representatives group for expressing wishes, rights and needs of UCF labours and enhancing the effective management – labour communication.

    Anti – Corruption :

    • UCF is strongly working against corruption in all its forms, including bribery and extortion.All UCF employees must be strongly adherent to “ UCF Code of Ethics and Business Conduct “. The responsibility rests on UCF staff to deal transparently, decisively and documentary.

    Procurement :

    • Use purchasing power to choose products and services on best value not lowest price.

    Water :

    • UCF will pursue water efficiency in the management of water by influencing water usage, monitoring consumption, and ensuring staff awareness of water issues in all its activities.

    Health care :

    • UCF is committed to provide, for all its employees, adequate free medical services in case of sick and injuries.

    Training :

    • UCF considers training one of the most important management tools to solve some of the Company problems and to bridge both knowledge and skills gaps either currently or expected.

    Safety :

    • Safe Company employees, visitors, buildings and machines. Monitoring accidents severity and frequency rates for continual improvement.

    Energy :

    • UCF is committed to responsible energy management and will practice energy efficiency throughout all its premises. UCF is committed to control energy consumption in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure, improve cost-effectiveness, productivity and working conditions, and protect the environment.
    • UCF experienced personnel understand the quality and environmental requirements. UCF has the people, technology, expertise, and product support services to help customers maximize the grinding efficiency.

Grinding media ( all sizes of balls from 15 : 125 mm ). They are cast from high Cr iron alloys as per the customer requirements or according to our suggestions to satisfy predetermined conditions at the customer mills.

The supplied grinding media are satisfying working conditions in first and second compartments of cement, raw, and also coal mills.UCF is supplying grinding balls of various Cr contents as 12 %, 17 %,19 %, 21 %, 27 %, thus adapting different mills operating conditions.

Balls of 17 : 40 mm diam. are cast from various high Cr alloys containing 12 up to 33 % Cr satisfying a hardness of 60 – 67 HRC.

Balls of 50 : 110 mm diam. are cast from various alloys containing 17 up to 30 % Cr satisfying a hardness of 58 – 63 HRC.

Balls of 125 mm diam. are cast from ARB – 03 and used for mining applications satisfying 2.0 – 3.0 % Cr and hardness of 51 – 54 HRC.

UCF is also producing cast cylpebs and ballpebs in the following sizes :

Cylpebs sizes :

1- 16 x 16
2- 19 x 19
3- 22 x 22
4- 25 x 25
5- 25 x 30
6- 35 x 35
7- 35 x 40

Ballpebs sizes :

1- 19 x 24
2- 13 x 16
3- 16 x 20
4- 22 x 28

Normally UCF technical team studies the mill operational conditions and supply guaranteed grinding media to its customers. The guarantees include wear rate guarantee, breakage guarantee, and deformation guarantee.

  • On 2002, UCF had modified its existing management system to comply with requirements of ISO 9002 : 94.
  • On 2003, UCF had modified its management system to comply with requirements of ISO 9001 : 2000.
  • On 2005, UCF had, once again, modified its management system to adopt and declare its environmental commitment, thus complying with requirements of ISO 14001 : 2004.
  • On 2009, UCF management system was modified as per ISO 9001 : 2008 requirements.
  • On 2010, UCF management has adopted new specific policies and values that enable UCF to satisfy international market requirements.

UCF is awarded ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015 applicable to :

  • Plain carbon and alloy steel castings
  • Wear, corrosion and heat resistant steel casting
  • Chromium iron castings
  • Fabricated wrought steel products
  • Foundry patterns.in all its work sites and locations.

In all it's work sites and locations

  • As per UCF Quality plans of products , there are process control activities implemented by production dept. and an in –process inspection activities implemented by quality dept.

The process control and the in – process inspection plans of a definite production process shows :
- Aspects need to be measured or tested
- Frequency of testing or measuring
- Means of testing or measuring
- Responsible body of carrying out this testing
- The quality form used for recording testing results
- Specification or criterion of evaluating the testing results.

  • UCF is committed to continual improvement of all its processes and its integrated management system. This commitment is the only way for realizing its customer satisfaction and expectations.
  • QUALITY is one of the main features of the processes, products and services that UCF offers its customers all over the world.
  • Each stage in the process, from the design, material purchasing manufacturing, inspection & testing, and dispatch to the customer is supervised and controlled according to UCF internal procedures and specifications of its Quality Management System, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.
  • The industrial and quality management processes are continually reviewed and improved through conducting internal and external audits by customers or other monitoring bodies.
  • UCF laboratories testing the finished products are spectrometer laboratory, sand testing laboratory, mechanical laboratory, and metallographic laboratory.
  • UCF Consider the customer expectations as the most valuable opportunity for improvement.

Balls of 15 : 40 mm diam. are cast from the following UCF alloys :
    • ARB – 12 with hardness of 62– 67 HRC
    • ARB – 19 with hardness of 60– 66 HRC
    • ARB – 42 with hardness of 62– 67 HRC

Note:Grinding balls of 50 , 60 mm diam. are cast from the alloy ARB – 11 with hardness of 60 – 65 HRC when used for second compartment .

Balls of 50 : 125 mm diam. are cast from the following UCF alloys :
    • ARB – 1 7 with hardness of 58 – 63 HRC
    • ARB – 22 with hardness of 60 – 64 HRC
      when used in first compartment and in single compartment mills
    • The alloy ARB – 22 is applied where superior wear resistance is necessary.
    • The superiority of ARB – 22 , compared with ARB – 17 , is mainly due to its microstructural features
      - Structure refinement
      - carbides volume fraction
    • Balls of 125 mm diam. are cast from the alloy ARB – 03 with hardness of 51 – 54 HRC.
    • For wet grinding application, UCF has its own ARB – 27 with hardness higher than 63 HRC.
  • ARW – 12 with hardness of 48 – 52 HRC.
  • ARW – 13 with hardness of 54 – 59 HRC
  • ARW – 06 with hardness of 48 – 51 HRC.
  • ARW – 52 & ARW – 54 with hardness of 190 – 230 HB that will be increased gradually after being subjected to service impacts due to work hardening phenomenon up to 55 HRC.
  • ARW – 27 with hardness of 52 – 57 HRC
  • ARW – 81 & ARW – 84 with hardness of 55 HRC min.
  • ARA – 10 with hardness of 46 – 49 HRC
  • ARA – 27 with hardness of 58 HRC min.
  • ARA – 19 with hardness of 59 – 63 HRC.
They are many alloys covering all temperature ranges needed for cement industry, the most famous of them are :
  • ARH – 07
  • ARH – 13
  • ARH – 43
  • ARH – 55
  • ARH – 56
  • ARH – 60
  • ARH – 61
  • ARH – 62
  • ARA – 70
  • ARA – 65
  • ARH – 80
  • ARWH – 25
  • ARWH – 26
  • ARWH – 28
  • ARWH – 30

Some of such alloys have other alloying additives for exhibiting outstanding heat resistance.

Optimum alloy selection depends upon service conditions at customer premises.

Production capacity :

60% Complete
20 000 tons of grinding media / Year
10% Complete
2000 tons of wear resistant and heat resistant castings / year
80% Complete
Thus, UCF overall production capacity is 22 000 tons / year.

Production facilities :

Foundry :

  • Melting shop:Nine induction melting furnaces of various capacities
  • Molding lines:Four moulding lines,One line of jolt squeeze machines,Two lines of DISAMATIC machines,One flour molding line
  • Three shot blast machines
  • Two breaker drums
  • Technical office for design activities and Pattern making workshop for manufacturing araldite patterns.The success of grinding media patterns had been proved through more than 20 years of grinding media production.

Heat treatment Plant :

  • Four continuous heat treatment furnaces
  • Seven tempering furnaces
  • One device for quantitative analysis of retained austenite. Retained austenite, being one of these undesirable phases, is quantitatively measured after heat treatment to assure that it is lower than a definite limit.

Laboratories :

UCF has a group of laboratories that satisfy the needs of :
  • process control plans implemented during production running
  • The needs of inspection and testing activities of finished products
UCF laboratory facilities include :
  • Two spectrometers for chemical analysis
  • Complete set of devices for testing new sands and moulding sand mixtures, carrying out tests as:Green compression strength, shear strength, permeability,compactibility, moisture content, grain size.
  • Stationary and portable hardness testing devices ( HB, HV, HRC )
  • Metallographic laboratory with optical microscopes of magnification X 1200 attached with the necessary devices of grinding and polishing for samples preparation for the metallographic examination
  • Non destructive testing for invisible crack detection.

Machining workshop :

  • It is equipped with all the necessary machines and tools for conducting machining operations as per customer requirements.
  • The machining workshop has a forging line for producing bolts necessary for fixing mill liners. Bolt threads are made by thread rolling machine